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How space jam really should have ended

Griffin had just come in from shooting some hoops outside of the school. A couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in his neighbourhood. He almost got into a fight, but instead he challenged the guys to a game of streetball. It was a tough game but Griffin won, even though it was like 3 against 1.

He went upstairs to his room and got changed. As he was getting changed, he looked around his room at all of the basketball stuff on his walls. With all the posters on the wall, one always was his absolute favorite. There, standing tall in his 45 jersey was Michael Jordan. Griffin had one of him in his Bulls jersey, but thought he looked pretty sweet in the Pacers one. He told the poster all about the game against the tough guys, and how he totally rocked their world. "You'd be proud of me Michael," Griffin said as he put on his shirt.

Griffin was feeling really hungry after his super intense game, and figured a little bit o' the good stuff was just what the doctor ordered. As he was sitting down to eat some sweet, sweet golden grahams, a portal appeared in the kitchen. "Holy moly!" yelled Griffin. Stuff was getting blown around because of the portal, and Griffin had to make sure his golden grahams didn't fly away!

When the portal got big enough, Michael Jordan came through the portal, and was standing in Griffin's kitchen! Griffin couldn't believe his eyes. Here was his all-time favourite basket ball player! Michael Jordan was standing in his kitchen. Griffin nearly dropped his spoon, he was so surprised!

"Hello Griffin," Michael said. "Me and the Loony Toon team need your help."

"My help? What can I do dawg? I'm not that good at basketball, you should find someone better" Griffin said, looking down. He didn't feel all that good about his skills at basketball.

"We called a special time out, because we knew we needed help. We used a special machine to find someone who was good at basketball, and also a good person. The machine showed you playing against those tough guys. You were really good." Michael said. Griffin looked up.

"Really, Michael Jordan?" Griffin asked, feeling better about himself.

"Totally. Now put this uniform on and lets go!" Michael Jordan said, throwing a Loony Toons Team Jersey to Griffin. Griffin caught the uniform and looked at it. On the back was the number 3 with McElroy across the sholders. This was the real deal.

"I guess my golden grahams will have to wait!" Griffin thought to himself.

Griffin got changed as fast as he could, and then ran down the stairs to the kitchen. Michael Jordan looked at him and nodded. He stepped throuh the Portal, and Griffin had to go after him. "This is totally amazing! I can't believe this is happening to me!" Griffin yelled as he ran into the portal.

When Griffin came out of the other side of the portal, he was on the sidelines in the biggest stadium he had ever seen. There were millions of people there, except they weren't people; they were aliens. He could see the other Loony Toons on his team already playing. He could tell they were doing their best, but they were losing. Bad. The problem was that Michael Jordan kept on getting covered by too many players. How was Michael supposed to sink those sweet, sweet three-pointers with all those jerks surrounding him?

Without wasting anymore time, Griffin ran out onto the court. The Other toons shouted because they were so happy to have a new team member to help them out. The other team looked scary, but Griffin was used to playing against scary, tough guys. He wouldn't let them throw him off his game.

With Griffin on the team, the other team didn't know who to cover. This new guy was just almost as good as Michael Jordan! With them working together, Griffin and Michael Jordan totally evened out the score! That's when the other team desided to get dangerous.

The clock was winding down, and the other team were up by 1 point. They decided to take out Griffin and Michael Jordan for the rest of the game. When Griffin and Michael Jordan came flying up the court, some of the tough guys made sure to crash into Griffin and Michael Jordan really hard.

The crowd was super angry, and the ref sent off the tough guys that hurt Griffin and Michael. Griffin got up, but was hurting pretty bad. Michael Jordan couldn't get up on his own though. He'd hurt his ankle pretty bad and needed to be carried off of court.

The clock was still ticking down, and someone needed to take the Freethrow. Griffin was scared, because he knew he would have to do it. He wasn't very good at freethrows, but no one else was allowed to substitute for him. As he walked up to the line, he was handed the ball, and told he got 2 shots.

Griffin took a deep breathe and took his first shot. It hit the backboard and bounced off the front of the basket rim. Everyone gasped and then held their breath. The ball bounced a couple more times until it finally fell into the basket. The crowd went crazy! Griffin had tied the game! Griffin was happy, but totally scared now because he entire game was riding on this shot. The players from the other team started telling him that he was going to miss the next shot, and they were going to score the winning shot. Griffin didn't want to believe them, but he was really scared because he knew that everything was riding on them.

Just before Griffin took the next shot, he saw Michael come out on some crutches. He knew that Michael Jordan could tell he was scared, which sucked because he didn't want to look scared in front of his all time idol. Michael Jordan looked Griffin in the eye, and because the stadium was so quiet, everyone could hear Michael say "Griffin, I believe in you." Griffin felt great when he heard this, because if Michael Jordan believed in him, then he must be good enough to make this shot!

Griffin set his legs apart, crouched down, and looked at the net. Then he closed his eyes, jumped, and took the shot. Just then the buzzer went. There was no going back. It went stright through the net! A perfect swish! The crowd went crazy, and the other team walked off the court without even shaking hands with anyone. They were soooooore losers. Griffin turned around and Michael Jordan was standing there.

"We did it Michael Jordan! We won the game" Griffin said.

"No Griffin, you won it. Without you we wouldn't have stood a chance."

"No way Michael Jordan. It was a team effort. I helped, but it was the whole team that got us there. Heck, if you didn't say that you'd believed in me, I could never have made that last shot." Griffin said, looking Michael Jordan right in the eyes.

"You didn't need me to say that Griffin. You had it in you to make that shot the whole time. You just needed to believe in yourself."

"Thanks, Michael Jordan. Best buds?" said Griffin, holding out his hand.

"Best buds for life, Griffin" Michael Jordan said, shaking Griffins hand. "Also, I love 'My brother, my brother, and me" the podcast you do with your equally talented-but-but-quite-as-ruggedly-handsome brothers. Those Yahoo answers people are some dumb mother fuckers, aren't they?"

"They sure are Michael Jordan, best bud for life. They sure are."

And then Griffin and Michael Jordan totally made out.

The end... or is it?

This totally amazing (and true) story has been brought to you by the letter "awesome."

Also by Corey Dutson who's a big fan of the show.